Tour de Film's next event is called "Faction," a nanopunk thriller ripped straight from today's headlines. See more of the story, produced internationally, here.

We are industry professionals excited to release this rare opportunity to make and experience entertainment history.

An Adventure Tourism Report reveals it has a $263B market, up 65% Per Annum Since 2009; Personalized, bespoke experiences are in high demand; videography services like do not offer experiences, and experiential tourism services like Sleep No More and do not offer videos.

TOUR DE FILM is immersive theater with a short film / fotonovel takeaway telling the amazing story of the traveler's experience, which the traveler chooses. TOUR DE FILM also supports local filmmaking talent, hiring the most adept professionals who also come with invaluable knowledge of the location they work in, affording a more authentic travel experience. Additionally, TOUR DE FILM offers discount incentives to the traveler if their film is repurposed for location marketing, branded content and/or film festivals.

TOUR DE FILM offers the MAGIC INGREDIENT: blurring the line between fiction and reality, allowing travelers to interact with the fictional world through character social media accounts, integration of unknown actors at filmed live events, where crew also blends in as "media" covering the event, and all aspects of interaction appear in the final film and/or fotonovel, delivered to the clients after they return home.

TOUR DE FILM makes it extremely easy to believe the story is real, and delivers it all captured in a film, an invaluable memory of the traveler's adventure, imbued with all the artistry and emotional engagement of a feature film.


Here's what some of our fans have had to say:

"Brilliant. Everyone I show it to says its just great and intriguing."

- Scott Mollan Creative Director, Ogilvy / Dentsu / McCann Erickson / J. Walter Thompson

Hi, this couldn't be true!... I saw her (was she the one in brown low cut sexy dress?) talking to people at party!"

- Asia Ruan Subscriber / Participant, Beijing

"This is great! It's like 'The Game.'"

- Robert Pratten Transmedia Storyteller Ltd.