A Nanopunk Thriller Ripped from Today's Headlines

Blockchain. The Dark Web. Ads with dystopian messages and tech-savvy street-level criminals.

In a society overridden with irresponsible technological innovation, the resulting chaos -- from Russian bots infecting political campaigns to massive identity hacks compromising our personal data sitting on servers in multinational corporations to sudden glitches that instantly vaporize life savings -- has thrust everyone into a constant state of damage control, juggling a host of problems that never existed before. Will AI be our only way out of this chaos, leading us only further down the road to unimaginable tyranny?

ANGIE DEE SINCLAIR, who left NYPD following the death of her partner, struggles even more after the death of her best friend -- pulling her deeper into head-on conflict with a nanotech cabal about to take over the international illicit narcotics trade.

Is this real, or fiction?

A common question in the world of Tour de Film, the dual nature of each project -- and especially "Faction" -- always resonates because it involves the real world that we currently inhabit. Subcribers and participants can inhabit the same physical space as the characters, crossing over momentarily past the "Fourth Wall" that ordinarily separates the audience from a story. This can occur on multiple levels: at a live event venue, in an exchange on social media, or in the film itself when a subscriber appears or is seen from the character's perspective during the social media exchange.

In the end, participants will be left with the personal memory of an exciting rendezvous with adventure, which they can show their friends and family through the film.